Ø      Notify CPR/first aid certified persons in building of medical emergencies, if necessary.  Names of CPR/ First Aid certified persons are listed in Crisis Team Members section.


Ø      Seal off high-risk area.


Ø      Notify 911 (if necessary) and __________________________ in __________ at _________________.

Crisis Team Coordinator                               Office #                 Work/Mobile/Page #


Ø      Evacuate building, if necessary.  Assist disabled and persons with special needs.


Ø      Take charge of area until relieved by Crisis Team Coordinator or incident is contained.


Ø      Preserve evidence.  Make note of significant incidents and times.


Ø      Notify designated emergency contact person of injured/affected person(s).


Ø      Refer media to _______________________ in _________ at ____________________________.

Public Information Designee                    Office #             Phone Numbers (home, work, mobile)

Response To Any Emergency


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