Suicide attempt in workplace:


      Notify CPR/first aid certified persons in building of medical emergencies (names of CPR/first aid certified persons are listed in Crisis Team Members section).


      Call 911.


      Notify_____________________ in _______

Crisis Team Coordinator Office #

at ______________________________ and

Work/Mobile/Page #


Suicide intervention service

at ______________________________.

Phone Numbers


       Calm suicidal person by listening to person, without showing judgement or lecturing.


       Try to isolate suicidal person from other persons.


      Remove means of committing suicide, i.e. pills, weapons.


      Stay with suicidal person until counselor/ suicide intervention arrives. Do not leave suicidal person alone.


      Determine method of notifying other employees. Hold daily debriefings with supervisors before and after normal operating hours as needed.


      Activate crisis team to implement post-crisis intervention (see next column). Determine level of intervention.


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Suicide/Attempted Suicide


Employees suicidal death/serious injury occurring outside workplace:


      Verify information.


      Crisis Team Coordinator will activate crisis team.


      Determine method of notifying employees. Do not mention suicide or details about death/serious injury in notification. Do not hold memorials or make death appear heroic. Protect privacy of family.


      Implement post-crisis intervention.


Post-crisis Intervention:


      Meet with __________________________

Community mental health workers

to determine level of intervention.


      Designate rooms as private counseling areas.


      Escort affected persons close friends and other highly stressed employees or guests to counselors.


      Refer media to ______________________

Public information Designee

in ____________ at __________________.

Office # Work/Mobile/Page #


      Do not let media question employees or guests.


      Follow-up with employees and guests who received counseling.


      Resume normal routines as soon as possible.