Intruder- An unauthorized person who enters workplace property


      Notify security.


      Ask security to accompany you before approaching intruder.


      Politely greet intruder and identify yourself.


      Ask intruder the purpose of their visit.


      Inform intruder of guest policy (i.e. all guests must register with receptionist).


      If intruders purpose is not legitimate, ask him/her to leave. Accompany intruder to exit.


If intruder refuses to leave:


      Warn intruder of consequences for staying on property. Inform him/her that you will call police.


      Notify police and _____________________

Crisis Team Coordinator

in ________ at ______________ if intruder

Office # Work/Mobile/Page #

still refuses to leave. Give police full description of intruder.


      Walk away from intruder if you think they will become violent. Be aware of intruders actions at this time (where he/she is located in building, whether he/she is carrying a weapon or package, etc).


      Coordinator may issue Lock-Down Procedures (see next column or Lock-Down Procedures section).




      If hostage taker is unaware of your presence, do not intervene.


      Call 911 immediately. Give dispatcher details of situation; ask for assistance from hostage negotiation team.


      Seal off area near hostage scene.


      Notify security and ____________________

Crisis Team Coordinator

in ________ at ______________________.

Office # Work/Mobile/Page #


      Give control of scene to police and hostage negotiation team.


      Keep detailed notes of events.


Lock-Down Procedures:


      Crisis Team Coordinator will issue lock-down procedures by announcing warning over PA system or sending a messenger to each office.


      PA announcement may be a coded or basic alert (see Warning and Notification section for coded warnings) message.


      Direct all employees and guests into rooms.


      Lock doors.


      Cover windows of rooms.


      Move all persons away from windows and doors.



Lock-Down Procedures

Allow no one outside of rooms until Coordinator gives an all-clear signal.



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